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Visual Arts & Design

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Department of Art & Design

​The Department of Art & Design believes that making art is an expansive process. The department has a special responsibility to develop students' individual artistic practices as well as their critical understanding of art and design and promotes the role of art and design in understanding and expressing the human experience. The department’s learner-centered approach cultivates an inclusive atmosphere of diversity, discovery, experimentation, problem-solving and creative thinking. The Department’s approach is learner centered with the aim of educating socially and culturally engaged artists and designers who comprehend and challenge definitions and assumptions with a wide spectrum of artistic production.

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Department of Fashion & Apparel Studies

​Fashion and apparel studies is an interdisciplinary field with faculty expertise representing various areas of study. The department’s apparel industry orientation is supported by strong partnerships and collaboration with government and non-government organizations (NGO) and for-profit businesses. The department offers two majors, a minor and a master’s program that cover areas including brand management and marketing; consumer behavior; cross-cultural research; historical/cultural aspects of dress; international trade and policy; product development and design; social responsibility and sustainability; and textile research and development. The department also offers the award winning Graduate Certificate in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Apparel Business, an online program that addresses labor and environmental problems in the global supply chains for the apparel, textile and footwear industries.

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Landscape Architecture

​This student-focused program combines science, art and problem solving with a love of nature. A major offered in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, landscape architecture addresses solutions to environmental, natural resource and sustainability challenges at local, regional and global levels. Collaborative industry and campus partnerships allow students to engage in projects that involve entrepreneurship, art and design, leadership and engineering.

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Visual Arts & Design
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Visual Arts & Design
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